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Somatic Intuitive Healing

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Quantum Shiatsu & Acupuncture

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Quietude Sessions

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Therapeutic Massage



Created by Jessica Garay, founder of Moon Vibe Sanctuary, Somatic Intuitive Healing is a holistic body-based healing modality for emotional and energetic wellness. Somatic Intuitive Healing can help support those impacted by trauma, feelings of anxiety, upset, or emotional "stuck-ness" as well as assist with nervous system regulation & attunement. This transformationally healing work is a wonderful compliment to other traditional talk therapy and bodywork modalities. Sessions are inspired by Mind/Body Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Biodynamic Cranial Therapy, Energy Intuitive Medicine, Reiki Energy Healing, Spirit Guide Healing, Earth-Based Magic, and Shamanic Parts Integration. Herbal medicines and aromatherapy are also available for additional therapeutic support. Somatic Intuitive Healing is also a potent complimentary healing for psychedelic therapy and integration.

Returning Clients: 90 Mins


New Clients: 105 Mins


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Your nervous system directly impacts how you feel in your body physically, emotionally, and mentally. As well as has a tremendous impact on your overall health. When your nervous system is regulated, the health benefits impacts every aspect of your body and being. Nervous System Regulation sessions are designed to help restore your body's natural state of wellbeing. Inspired by the quietude of Biodynamic Cranial Therapy and the transformative power of meditation practices, this holistic modality connects with the internal & innate healing potency within the client and is supported by a depth quietude that is healing on all levels being. Using deep presence to connect with an inner body intelligence, this vast consciousness is followed and merged with to unwind stagnancy and allow for a reorganization to take place that reveals the innate healing of the body. Clients receive long lasting healing on all levels of being and is particularly potent when receiving regular work. Sessions are a perfect therapeutic compliment to Somatic Intuitive Healing.

60 Mins: $150

For Nervous System Regulation



Quantum Shiatsu Energy Work is an off-body energy work coupled with gentle arm and leg movements and full body acupressure. Clients are fully clothed and rest upon a massage table while the treatment is in process. I invite my clients to bring in their guides, angels, spirit animals or ascended masters, who may help in the process of letting go, transformation and acceptance. The session may also include guided meditation, visualization, tuning forks, sound therapy or a tarot card reading. Quantum shiatsu is grounded in quantum physics principles, sacred geometry and Japanese meridian theory. This work is appropriate for anyone who is interested in working with their higher frequency energies, desire to feel more connected with source and community, are working through challenging life circumstances, or making big shifts in their life and desire energetic support. Quantum shiatsu promotes healthy physical, mental and emotional support. Monthly or every other month “tune-ups” generally work well, and I recommend planning these around your specific energetic strengths or nature cycles (eg full moons, zodiac cycles, etc). I look forward to hearing your story and walking with you on your journey. 

60 Minutes: $150

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Toyohari Add-On


Accessing the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the Chinese meridian system, we integrate this into a Quantum Shiatsu session Toyohari, is a non-needle approach activating acupressure points with tools such as teishins, tuning forks, cups, heat or aromatherapy.

Tarot Dao & Card Reading Add-On


The Dao, know as, the Way of Nature has an endless supply of wisdom and guidance to offer all of us at any given point, but especially when we are facing obstacles and challenges or outright blockages. During your card reading, with intent, we visit what The Dao has to reveal on your specific question and situation. During these sessions you may opt to bring in your own personal guides, ancestral or angel spirits to bring further illumination and clarity. Channeling through the heavenly bodies often brings breakthroughs, habit changing practices and vibrational clearing and harmonizing.


Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release and Reflexology are integrated into a customized therapeutic massage. 

60 Mins


90 Mins


Green Agate

A restorative massage that includes cupping, lymphatic massage, abdominal massage, herbal compresses and breath work to support the body’s healing capacity. 


60 Mins


90 Mins



60 Mins


90 Mins


A nourishing massage that specifically focused to support the miraculous journey that is motherhood. 

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An energizing treatment that uses heat and 75 essential minerals to melt away tension and tone connective tissue. 

60 Mins


90 Mins