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Somatic Intuitive Healing

Primary Ascension: Self-Healing


Somatic Intuitive Healing is a step-by-step self-paced online course for somatic therapy, energy healing, embodiment practices, intuitive development, spiritual awakening, holistic healing, emotional wellbeing, mental health & aligning your life with your highest self.

Founding Circle Launches October 2nd, 2021


"I have experienced many types of therapy and healing modalities, Jessica's work is other worldly and she truly is one of a kind."

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"A truly unique and transformative process. Jessica and her offerings are priceless gems. I know myself better, have more freedom, and feel more at home in my body since working with Jessica."

~Raina: Somatic Intuitive Self-Healer

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I'm Jessica

I am so excited that you are here. I have been working within wellness for almost two decades and have crafted this offering from the deepest aspects of my spirit to bring you something that is epically transformative yet accessible and real. My career as a healer has led me through many avenues within the wellness industry. From owning 3 successful yoga studios to traveling internationally teaching movement and embodiment, holistic wellness, and accessible spirituality. I have led trainings for other teachers and healers as well as running a successful holistic wellness center and private practice. I have studied with some of the leading experts in the field of wellness and bodywork and have spent countless hours honing the techniques I'm sharing here with you so that they are the most potent with the quickest and most effective impact on your health and wellbeing. I am a lover of woo but whole heartedly believe in science, gentle trauma-informed practices and the intelligence of your body as a basis for connecting both with spirit and emotional and physical wellbeing. 

I am honored to be your guide and touchstone as you begin your transformative process towards embodiment, connection & wholeness.

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Here Is What You Will Receive Inside Of
The Somatic Intuitive Healing Course

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There's More!

I want to help support you in getting the most out of this experience as possible so that you can move into your life with enlightened viewpoint and endless possibilities on the horizon. 

EVERY WEEK - Live Q&A with me!

Feeling stuck in one particular aspect? Need a pep talk and some motivation? Have a really specific question that is unique to you and your experience? This is where I meet you to get that one on one feedback and insight so that you move through this process fully supported. Meets virtually every week. 

EVERY MONTH - Live Moon Circles!

You are not in this alone. Every month, we will gather together as a community and practice what we are learning and connect to the healing energies of the moon and the salve that is being held in community. Ceremonies include special guest teachers and meets virtually once every month.

EVERY YEAR - Healing Retreats!

I want to build this into a community of healers and seekers who support each other and are a strong foundation for a lifetime of transformation. Every year we will be offering in-person (or virtual if needed) retreats and you will receive a special discount on these along with other offerings.

The World Needs Your Magic

Are you ready to start living your most inspired & awake life? 

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Best Price



(Reg Price: $1,497)

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Affordable 6 Monthly Payments

$208 x6


(Reg Price: $1,757)


  • 34 Video Classes ($2,500 value)

    • Movement & Yoga

    • Meditations & Breath Work

    • Nervous System Regulation & Somatic Embodiment Practices

    • Emotional Wellness Education & Vagal Nerve Theory and Practices

    • Self Massage & Emotional Release Practices

    • Gratitude and Affirmations 

    • Money Mindset and Relationship Repair

    • Radical Self Love & Curated Self-Care 

    • Inner Critic & Shadow work

    • Channeling, Angels, & Intuition Development

    • And so much more. 

  • 20+ Downloadable Audio Lessons on Breath, Shaking, EFT & More ($500+ value)

    • Shake It Off: Downloadable Qi Gong Shaking 

    • Restoration Meditation: Reconstruct Your Emotional Health with Mindfulness Meditation

    • Finding Freedom: Five EFT Practices For Mood Elevation

    • Energy Protection for Healers & Empaths

    • Cosmic Chakra Clearing 

    • Spirit Guide Connection Meditation

    • Angel Protection & Connection

    • Beautiful Breathing: Downloadable Pranayama Practices 

  • Over 20 PDFs & Templates for Wellness & Healing ($200 value)

    • Empowered Embodiment Method 

    • Nourishing The Nervous System 

    • Self Soothing Massages 

    • Widening The Window Of Contentment

    • Finding Your Sacred Time 

    • 3R Method For Reframing

    • Your Emotional Chart 

    • The Relationship Repair 

    • Healthy Emotional Release PDF

    • Personalized Embodiment Template 

    • Check list for Somatic Intuitive Healing Supplies 

    • Reply & Reframe 

    • Personalizing Your Affirmations Template

    • Personalized Self Care Template

    • What do you love list

    • Your Spirit Name Graphic

    • Manifesting Template

    • Create Your Daily Practice Template

    • Boundary Setting Template

    • Spiritual Protection Spells 

  • 3 Powerful E-Books on Mindset, Healing, & Raising Vibrations ($150 Value)

    • Gratitude & Victory E-Journal 

    • B.N.It Mediation E-Journal 

    • Moon Spells E-Book 

  • Live Weekly Q&A Sessions w/ Jessica for a year (a $1560 value)

    • Get feedback on your unique situation

    • Connect with community

    • Receive support and motivation to get past stuck places

  • Live Full Moon Circle Ceremonies for one year w/ Jessica ($720 value)

    • Live practices led by Jessica and special guests

    • Connect with the energy of the moon and learn to harness its potent power

    • Meet other seekers and find support in your community

There's More!


Founding Circle Exclusive Bonuses

Sign Up For Somatic Intuitive Healing Now and Get All Of These Awesome Bonus Offerings Included!

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Private 1:1 with Jessica

As part of the Founding Circle, you will receive a private one-on-one session with Jessica during Module 4 to handcraft your personalized healing plan for post-program. This is an opportunity to get individual insight into how to implement and integrate all you'll have learned into your life so that you are supported and set up for actualizing your healing.

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Energy Healing Training

Learn how to begin practicing Energy Healing on yourself & others. Includes a Reiki Level 1 Attunement.

$1500 Value

Included for free!

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Restorative Yoga Masterclass

An in-depth dive into the techniques and theory of restorative yoga along with restful and rejuvenating practice

A $197 Value

Included For Free

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 Psychedelic Medicine 

Learn harm reduction practices and the latest science on the healing practices of psychedelic medicine.

 A $1000 Value

Included for Free!

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The Business of Healing

Learn how to get started in the wellness field with tools for 1:1 client work and living your purpose and 

A $1500 Value

Included for Free

  • 30 days free on Yoga Anytime with 1000s of online videos and workshops for all levels (A $19 Value)

  • Embodiment in 5 Minutes in 5 Days: Accessible audio practices to ground into your body and find calm quickly and easily. (A $49 value)

More Bonuses

Try it risk free 

The Transformational-Ease-Your-Mind-No-Hassle Guarantee 



The Somatic Intuitive Healing Course comes with a no hassle 100% guarantee risk free trail period. After buying the course and starting the first lesson, you have 7 days to change your mind and cancel. You do not need to give any reason nor will you find any push back whatsoever. I want you to love this course. I want you to find transformational change and become empowered with tools and knowledge. I can see you rising strong with the support of a loving community and moving towards your most epic life. And I fully believe in you and this course and the potential for radical change and awakening. It is why I'm willing to let you check it out risk free and if it seems like it is not a good fit for you for any reason, just shoot me an email within that 7 day window and I will refund you your full price. I am not here to scam you out of your hard earned and well deserved money. I want to see you thrive and shine and if this course is not helping you do that then I want to support you in finding a support system that will. 


Q: What is the start date? 

A: The Founding Circle launch date is October 2nd, 2021. When you enroll while the course is still in its flagship launch, you receive the Founding Circle pricing. 

Q: What is the format?

A: The Somatic Intuitive Healing course is an online course that is hosted on a private online teaching platform. Included on that platform are all the videos, worksheets, downloads, audios and more. The weekly Q&A & monthly moon sessions are offered via zoom and then recorded and stored on the course platform to access later should you not make the live events. There is a private Facebook group for connecting with each other as a community. Everything you need to take the course is offered via these platforms

Q: How long does it take to finish?

A: Timing is self-paced. For the Founding Circle launch, content will be drip delivered. This means new content will post weekly on Saturdays starting October 2nd, 2021. When it becomes available to do so, if you join after that date, all content that has already been uploaded will be ready for instant access. You can take as long or as short of a time to finish the course. However, for integration purposes, I recommend spending at least 2 weeks per module so that you have time to process and integrate into your life for best results. At that rate it would then take 2 months to finish. However, again, you can take as long as you need and work at your own pace. You have forever access to all aspects of the course and can revisit at any time. 

Q: How much does it cost? 

A: You can purchase the course for $997 if you pay in full (this is discounted from $1497 for the Founding Circle) or 6 payments of $208.

Quick Recap!












SEPTEMBER 18, 2021


Best Price



(Reg Price: $1,497)


  • 34+ Video Classes

  • 20+ Downloadable Audio Lessons on Breath, Shaking, EFT & More

  • 20+ PDFs & Templates for Wellness & Healing 

  • 3 Powerful E-Books on Mindset, Healing, & Raising Vibrations 

  • Live Weekly Q&A Sessions with Jessica 

  • Live Full Moon Circle Ceremonies w/ your fellow healing community, Jessica & special guests

  • BONUS: Energy Healing Online Training

  • BONUS: Psychedelic Medicine training

  • BONUS: Restorative Yoga Masterclass

  • BONUS: The Business of Healing online course


Affordable 6 Monthly Payments

$208 x6


(Reg Price: $1757)

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