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Full Moon Blessings - Light In The Shadows

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Moonbeams illuminate the night and call us into the dark

Use this iridescent light to give you insight into what is holding you back

Shine this silver rays into the corners of your holdings so that you can be free to integrate their knowing and wisdom. Welcoming all of you home in the light of this moon to embody the power of your wholeness.

A Shadow Spell for The Full Moon

  • On a piece of paper, List all the challenges that have been showing up for you right now.

  • Using your list, write down all aspects of those challenges that seem unclear to you. What ways are you confused, unsure, or don't understand.

  • Take this list and put it in a jar or container. You can do this anytime before or on the full moon.

  • Fill the container with dirt, preferable from your home or a place you resonate with.

  • Place the container outside or in the window to soak up the moon beams.

  • On the night of the full moon, say this spell or words similar that have resonance to you:

Dearest Moon Goddess, Mother of Earth, Guides and Spirits of the Highest Elevation and Vibration, Guardian Angels and Archangels, Source and Divine and my highest loving and healed ancestors; Please support me in unearthing my wisdom and removing the obstacles that block my vision in my challenges. Work this earth into the nooks and crannies of my troubles and nourish it with your steady and stable ground. Shine your light into the spaces unseen and give me the vastness of your perspective. Let me envision what will move me towards my purpose and highest good. Help me to see what is the right, just, and true. Shine a light into the darkness so that I can learn to honor the gifts of my shadows and welcome their quiet knowing into my life. I leave this here with you to bask in your light until the next full moon. Let the phases of your cycle move through all parts of my worries, fears, and challenges so that no aspect is unclear. I surrender this over to you my dearest Moon, Mother, Earth, Goddess, Guides, Divine, and Spirits. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You.

And so it is. And so it be.

Now leave this jar in the window or outdoors until the next full moon. Each day offer it a little prayer of vast, clear vision and insight.

On the next full moon we will unearth these worries and seal in the clarity that has been brewing.

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