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Kate Drake, LAc


My truth is that I am a light seeker. I’ve come here to experience, learn and grow in order to share these experiences and raise our vibrational frequency within the universal collective consciousness. 


My path, like so many, has had many twists and turns, bumps and high pinnacles. It was my own journey of needing to let go of non-useful thought patterns, a longing desire to feel more expansive and having a truly deep connection with the multiverse, that led me to become a Quantum Shiatsu practitioner. 

Through my studies, world travel and life experiences I’ve collected an eclectic array of tools that I’ve found personally valuable in navigating the ups and downs of life and I now share these tools and resources with my clients. 


I believe the body innately knows how to heal. What I love about my practice is that I see myself as a facilitator, working together with clients, as a teacher, offering an appropriate tool that creates the needed space in order to heal and evolve.


I was born on a military base in Fussa, Japan and raised in “ the church” and the element of spirit and nurturing spirit has been an important element throughout my life. Though I don’t adhere to any specific religious sec any longer, I do welcome and respect each person’s path that leads to their own truth and enlightenment.

At the age of 25 I was introduced to, and began my practice of yoga and mediation, spending a good amount of time living in China, Southeast Asia and India.  At the age of 30 I began my formal training in shiatsu, acupuncture, qigong, and Chinese herbalism. At 40, I now integrate these practices with astrology and tarot Dao readings. 


I have two children, ages 6 and 3 and a partner whom I share a home and life with in SE Portland. To decompress, I enjoy bike rides, floral arranging, singing, working with my hands, and watching natural science videos. 


I am here with an open heart and am ready to co-create and assist clients with the ever endless process of personal evolutionary change. 

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Quantum Shiatsu Energy Work

Quantum Shiatsu Energy Work is an off-body energy work coupled with gentle arm and leg movements and full body acupressure. Clients are fully clothed and rest upon a massage table while the treatment is in process. I invite my clients to bring in their guides, angels, spirit animals or ascended masters, who may help in the process of letting go, transformation and acceptance. The session may also include guided meditation, visualization, tuning forks, sound therapy or a tarot card reading. Quantum shiatsu is grounded in quantum physics principles, sacred geometry and Japanese meridian theory. This work is appropriate for anyone who is interested in working with their higher frequency energies, desire to feel more connected with source and community, are working through challenging life circumstances, or making big shifts in their life and desire energetic support. Quantum shiatsu promotes healthy physical, mental and emotional support. Monthly or every other month “tune-ups” generally work well, and I recommend planning these around your specific energetic strengths or nature cycles (eg full moons, zodiac cycles, etc). I look forward to hearing your story and walking with you on your journey. 

60 Minutes: $150

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Accessing the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the meridian system, we integrate this Quantum Shiatsu session with toyohari, an approach activating acupressure points with tools such as teishins, tuning forks, cups, heat or aromatherapy.


Free Add-On

Dao Tarot Card Add-On

The Dao, know as, the Way of Nature has an endless supply of wisdom and guidance to offer all of us at any given point, but especially when we are facing obstacles and challenges or outright blockages. During your card reading, with intent, we visit what The Dao has to reveal on your specific question and situation. During these sessions you may opt to bring in your own personal guides, ancestral or angel spirits to bring further illumination and clarity. Channeling through the heavenly bodies often brings breakthroughs, habit changing practices and vibrational clearing and harmonizing.

30 Minutes: $49

Kate D

Notes & Policies

In-Person: Located at 1733 SE Morrison #731 - Please note - Studio entrance is on the side of the building on 18th street; Last door before the parking lot. 

Early/Late Arrival: Please arrive on time to sessions but do not arrive early. If you are early please wait in your car or outside the studio until your appointment time to give space for preparing for your session. 

Cancelation/Late Policy: If you have to cancel an appointment, please do so with 24hr notice. If you cancel with less notice, you will be charged full price for the appointment. Late arrivals will have appointment held for a 15 minute grace period. If you are later than that, your appointment will be canceled and the above cancelation policy will apply. If you are late, your appointment time will still end at the original scheduled end time.  

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