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Somatic Therapy Page

Roxanne Ahmadpour,

Somatic Therapy & Naturopathic Medicine For Emotional Wellness

Roxanne is a Naturopathic Doctor, bodyworker, wellness educator, and yogi. In her work, she supports folks through processes of change, challenge, stress, and personal growth.  Roxanne offers her healing modality with the soft intention of guiding those in need gently back home to the refuge of their body-mind using a holistic, mindfulness and body-based approach.


Moving through stuck emotions

Connecting with your body

Nervous System wellness & regulation

A holistic approach to emotional wellness

Returning to embodiment & unwinding numbing

Exploring emotional content held in the body

Lost parts work & inner child healing

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"Working with Roxanne has been such a radical departure from my previous experiences seeking mental health support. Talking to Roxanne feels extremely safe and she guides the conversation adeptly by asking questions, making observations and/or providing follow-up exercises. I’m very grateful to be able to work with such a talented and caring individual."

Somatic Therapy & Naturopathic Medicine for Emotional Wellness

Somatic Therapy is a body-mind-spirit approach to embodiment, personal growth, and emotional wellness. This work combines a blend of interpersonal and somatic based counseling coupled with mindfulness and experiential hands-on bodywork and natural medicine. Together, we take a deep dive into your medical and personal history, and examine where support is needed. Our work is experiential and relational, meaning we work together to explore your experience of the present moment and then use a myriad of powerful healing modalities to enhance self-awareness, nervous system regulation, integration, embodiment, and empowerment. This work is informed by Hakomi mindfulness centered somatic psychotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Polyvagal theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Naturopathic and Energy medicine.


Every session is crafted to meet the unique needs of the individual and can include aspects of a wide range of healing therapies. Some sessions may be gentle, spacious, and nourishing. While others might be more talk oriented, processing, skills building, and coaching. Often sessions will include elements of both and always be client-need focused. Sessions may include healing techniques such as mindfulness based somatic counseling, hands-on bodywork, emotional self-care and wellness practices, embodiment and nervous system regulation practices, nutritional guidance, targeted nutrient therapy, herbal medicine, and/or flower essence therapy.


What you can expect is to leave feeling more deeply connected to your body and its inherent wisdom, along with guidance and actionable items to incorporate into your life that support emotional and whole body wellness.


Roxanne offers a free 15 minute phone call consultation for new clients who are interested in learning more about Somatic Therapy and whether it is a good fit. All new clients start here to begin the process of working together.

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Free 15 Minute Phone Call Consult

During our phone call we will go over the responses from your short intake regarding your goals for your emotional wellness. We will discuss more in detail what services are available and decide if working together is a good fit to support you in your healing.

Somatic Therapy Sessions – 90 mins

Our initial session is focused on getting to know each other and orienting our work together. I want to get to know you – where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are wanting to go. We will discuss personal, family, and medical history, as well as come up with a plan for working together in a way that best supports you. Our follow up sessions can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your needs and what we determine will best support you. Our sessions may consist of mindfulness based somatic counseling, hands-on bodywork, support around at-home care including reflection practices, journaling prompts, and rituals, and/or personalized support with nutritional, herbal, or flower essence remedies.

"Working with Dr. Roxanne has been incredibly supportive, insightful, and life-changing. I felt like I hit a roadblock with conventional medicine, medications, and talk therapy and was looking for support but wanting something different. I am so grateful to have found her. She provides such an attentive, warm, caring, gentle presence that helps me feel safe and deeply cared for. She has offered a variety of supportive tools, practices, and insights that have helped me grow as a person during an otherwise really difficult time in my life. She is a gem."

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90 Minute Somatic Therapy Session: $189


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About Roxanne

I came to this work through an innate curiosity about the nature of human experience and the greater world around us. After struggles with my own health and approaching dead ends in conventional medicine, I found yoga. For the first time, I became aware of my body, and learned alternate ways of seeing and being. This opened me up to a world of possibility and fueled my curiosity, as well as my own healing. I have continued to study different healing models and lineages since, integrating my knowledge and experience as I go. I have learned that our bodies hold within them an infinite wisdom and peace, and that deep connection with ourselves and others is the foundation of wellness. It is a great honor and privilege to share this connection with my patients to facilitate their self-discovery, embodiment, empowerment, and healing.

My work lies at the intersection of integrative medicine, mental health, and somatic therapy. I believe all models are incorrect, but some are useful. I leverage my knowledge and training in conventional medicine with psychology, somatics, and traditional healing and believe each is in and of itself incomplete, but useful, and informs a piece of the puzzle.


I hold a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, a masters degree in integrative mental health, and a B.S in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior. I have completed additional training in Craniosacral Therapy, trauma informed care, yoga therapy, and Hakomi mindfulness centered somatic psychotherapy. I am currently completing certification as a Cranial Sacral Therapist and studying Somatic Intuitive Healing with Jessica Garay. When I am not working or studying, I love to travel, spend time outdoors, practice yoga, sunbathe, prepare colorful tasty meals, and spend time with my partner and 2 kitties.


Notes & Policies

Scope Of Practice: While Naturopathic doctors are licensed and trained as primary care doctors in Oregon, I do not personally practice as a primary care doctor. It is best for you to maintain an active relationship with a primary care doctor for routine screening exams and urgent medical concerns. 


While I have training in counseling and psychotherapy, I do not consider myself a “therapist” or “counselor”. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and work within that license and scope of practice, which includes counseling, mind-body medicine, and bodywork.


I do not place value judgements on the use of medications for mental or physical health. I strive to move beyond the binary of “good and bad” and instead work towards a more nuanced relationship, understanding the strengths and limitations in every approach. Sometimes for some people medication is useful and even lifesaving. However, I do not typically prescribe medications. I can provide medication counseling and consultation if you are interested in trying medication, alternatives to medication, are currently on medication, or are interested in transitioning off medication. 


My practice is not set up for crisis, emergency, or urgent concerns. In the event of a medical emergency, please contact your primary care doctor, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room. In the event of a mental health crisis, please contact the Multnomah county crisis line Toll-Free at 1(800)716-9769.

In-Person Sessions: Located at 1733 SE Morrison #731 - Please note - Studio entrance is on the side of the building on 18th street; Last door before the parking lot. 

Early/Late Arrival: Please arrive on time to sessions but do not arrive early. If you are early please wait in your car or outside the studio until your appointment time to give space for preparing for your session. 

Cancelation/Late Policy: If you have to cancel an appointment, please do so with as much notice as you can. A minimum of 48hr notice is required to not be charged. If you cancel with less notice, you will be charged full price for the appointment. Late arrivals will have appointment held for a 15 minute grace period. If you are later than that, your appointment will be canceled and the above cancelation policy will apply. If you are late, your appointment time will still end at the original scheduled end time.  

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