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Image by Billy Huynh


"I got 99 problems and regulating my nervous system resolved 98 of them"


This meme quote is one of my favorites because it rings sooooo true. An unregulated nervous system can create so many seen (and unseen) complications and discomfort in our lives that when we begin to work on healing from a body and nervous system based approach, the results can be pretty amazing. 


However, like most healing, it is not a magical cure. It takes consistency and effort to help train the body to move in the world in a new way. It's like learning a new dance move, you have to practice it a fair amount before it becomes easeful and you're able to do it with grace. (And let's be real, sometimes healing isn't so graceful no matter what we do - ha!). 

Fill out the form below and I will send you 50 ways that are accessible and easy to help you regulate your nervous system. The key is to do just one thing everyday. You do not have to do everything!!! I repeat: Let go of any ideas about being perfect and just pick out a few that seem fun and easy and do one of those things once per day. 

With warmth & blessings, 

Jessica Garay

Creator Of Moon Vibe Sanctuary & Somatic Intuitive Healing

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Moon Vibe Sanctuary specializes in body-based healing and emotional wellness.

If you are curious about learning more about Somatic Therapy or would like some support in your healing, click on the link below to check out our services.

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