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Somatic Intuitive Healing™
There are 3 ways to begin your journey working with Somatic Intuitive Healing™. Somatic Starter Course is for personal growth and self healing. SIH School Online is a somatic therapy foundational training for wellness professionals and dedicated self healers. SIH School Certification is an advanced in-person somatic therapy training for wellness professionals.


Are You Ready To Heal?

Somatic Starter Course helps you break free from stuck emotional patterns & reconnect to your body by healing the nervous system and aligning with your inner wisdom.
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Are You Being Called To Become A Healer?

SIH School Online: Embodied Transformational Awakening For The Dedicated Healer

Ready For
Advanced Training?

SIH School Certification: An In-Person Hands-On Somatic Therapy Training & Certification Program
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