somatic intuitive healing

A Holistic Somatic Therapy For Emotional Wellness

With Jessica Garay in Portland, Oregon


You have been feeling stuck

You desire insight into the root causes of the obstacles to your wellbeing

You are curious about exploring emotional and energetic content held in your body

You want to learn more about how the body, mind, heart, and spirit are connected

You are seeking a body based treatment for energetic, emotional wellness

You have plateaued in talk therapy and want to continue deeper into your healing journey


Created by Jessica Garay, Somatic Intuitive Healing is a holistic somatic therapy modality for emotional and energetic wellness. Somatic therapy can help support healing for those impacted by trauma, feelings of anxiety, upset, or emotional "stuck-ness" as well as assist with nervous system regulation & attunement and overall healing. Sessions are a blending of Rubenfeld Synergy Method (a somatic emotional release therapy), Biodynamic Cranial Therapy, and Energy Medicine and Reiki Energy Healing. Herbal medicines and aromatherapy are also available for additional therapeutic support. This work is also a potent complimentary healing for psychedelic therapy and integration.


In-person sessions are facilitated on a massage table, fully clothed. Online sessions are held on Zoom using distance healing techniques. During sessions we use presence, connection to the body and one's own inner wisdom along with gentle, mindful bodywork to help facilitate organic and innate healing. Within this process there is a softening back into a state of restful yet attentive and expansive consciousness. From this place of compassionate listening, you are gently guided and supported in discovering pathways to "emotional content" held in the body. These somatic emotional holdings may begin a release process that offers a deep unwinding for all aspects of self. In order to move through this process, we begin by connecting to the body. This often starts with somatic education so that one can learn to feel into the body with greater awareness. When the body and mind are ready, there can be profound insights and information revealed as we venture deeper into connection with the intelligence of the body and one's inner wisdom. Most sessions are a mix of quiet and talking, sometimes there are tears and most times laughter. We always work with the intention of embodying the experience of our wholeness. With this, the body moves closer into contact with its own innate healing potential revealing a sacred inner sanctuary. 

In-Person: Located at 4529 NE Fremont Street - In-person; masks required, Medical Grade Ionizing Air Filters used during sessions.

Online: Sessions are held via Zoom. Please have a quiet space available to meet online with space to lay down fully.


May this healing offering serve for the benefit of all beings.

May our work together be blessed by the Goddess Mother.

May it serve to open receptivity to Grace, Joy, and Wholeness.


4529 NE Fremont St

Portland, Oregon

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