Created by Jessica Garay, founder of Moon Vibe Sanctuary, Somatic Intuitive Healing is a holistic body-based wellness modality for emotional and energetic wellbeing. Somatic Intuitive Healing can help support those impacted by trauma, feelings of anxiety, upset, or emotional "stuck-ness" as well as assist with nervous system regulation & attunement. Sessions are inspired by Mind/Body Therapy (a somatic emotional release therapy), Yoga Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, Nueroplasticity, Emotional Wellness Coaching, the Quietude of Biodynamic Cranial Therapy, Energy Intuitive Medicine, Reiki Energy Healing, Spirit Guide Healing, Earth-Based Magic, and Shamanic Parts Integration. Herbal medicines and aromatherapy are also available for additional therapeutic support. This work is also a potent complimentary healing for psychedelic therapy and integration as well as traditional talk therapy and bodywork modalities.

Please note:

New clients are required to apply to work together.

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Moving through stuck emotions and blockages.


Gaining insight into the root causes of the obstacles to your wellbeing.


Connecting with the emotional and energetic content held in your body.


Understanding how the body, mind, heart, and spirit are connected.


Healing energetically and emotionally via a body based intuitive modality.


Personal transformation and to continue deeper into your healing journey.


Embodiment and deep connect to your inner wisdom and highest self.

What folks are saying...


"Working with Jessica was just what I needed. I have years of experience with many different therapies and this was a beautiful integration of hands on bodywork and an intuitive conversation with my body-which Jessica facilitated expertly. I would highly recommend going to Jessica. Gentle powerful work."

"After feeling I'd plateaued in talk therapy and several nudges from the universe leading me to somatic work, I found myself in my first session with Jessica. I was a bit nervous and wasn't sure what to expect but the moment I walked in, I felt I was exactly where I needed to be. Jessica has such a powerful gift and I'm so grateful that my journey back home to my body has led me here. If you have the opportunity to experience her magic yourself, I can't recommend it enough." 

"I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Jessica! Her method of somatic healing has allowed everything that I have been working on in therapy and personally to come together and integrate into my body. I never realized quite how much emotion and tension I had been holding in my body and how that was effecting the way I felt and moved through my life. Jessica is deeply caring and honest, her humor will make you smile and put you at ease. In my time spent with her, I felt completely safe, supported and surrounded with love."



You are ready to dive deep into your body, heart, and spirit and heal. 


You are motivated to make changes in your life to bring you more contentment and joy.


You ar committed to showing up for yourself and loving yourself unconditionally.


You have been feeling called to connect with spirit and raise your vibration. 


You are ready to DO the work of reprocessing, reparenting and repairing. 


You want to make lasting change that you can feel in your bones.


You want a new healthier relationship with yourself and your body. 



More Testimonials From Clients

"After a session with Jessica you feel grounded and deeply in tune with your body. She creates a safe space and you feel immensely protected. She gently works out blockages in your body while incorporating deep conversations. Its an organic flow, nothing feels forced. I have experienced many types of therapy and healing modalities. Jessica's work is other worldly and she is truly a gem."

"Deep, body-based energy healing in a beautiful and safe environment. Jessica's warmth and playful energy created the perfect container for meeting new parts of myself with love and curiosity. She seemed to know just where to go and what to ask but didn't presume to have the answers to questions that only I can know. It was a gift to be lovingly held and witnessed in this special way." 

"Jessica creates the warmest and safest space to relax and go deep into your intuitive body. I feel like my body wants to speak to me through images and metaphor and Jessica's sessions help that happen with so much beauty and clarity. Can't recommend this work with her enough!"

"I am so grateful my path has crossed with Jessica's. She have been one of my greatest teachers these last few years and in learning how to navigate my own inner landscape. Her method creates space for exploration, without the confines of "right" and "wrong", and I have been able to build a stronger and sweeter relationship with my body and energy. In a way, it feels like I'm meeting myself for the first time. <3"

"A truly unique and transformative process. Jessica and her offerings are priceless gems. After a session with her, I am nourished and changed body and soul. I have taken her classes for years and recently have been doing her guided meditation weekly. I know myself better, have more freedom, and feel more at home in my body since working with Jessica. Grateful for her."

"This woman is power and a smile and a natural healer."

Image by Hasan Can Devsir