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Jessica Garay



Jessica is a Somatic Intuitive Healing™ practitioner in Portland, Oregon. Jessica also teaches online courses on somatic therapy, nervous system regulation, holistic emotional wellness, embodiment and intuitive development. After Jessica co-created and ran a thriving and beloved yoga studio, Love Hive Yoga, Moon Vibe Sanctuary was born as a continuation of her work as a healer and teacher. Moon Vibe Sanctuary offers intuitive holistic wellness services and education crafted from decades of experience to form a unique blending of various healing modalities. Dedicated to work that supports connection to a deeper awareness of body, mind, and spirit, all offerings are designed to support awakening the profound healing capacities within every individual. Using a perspective of expansive possibility mixed with open curiosity and awareness, Jessica believes in the potential for everyone to experience a great depth of wholeness, wellbeing and joy. 


As a survivor of trauma, Jessica's work is informed by her own healing process with C-PTSD. As a child, she experienced a instinctual connection to the divine embodied as a guiding force that drew her towards her current path.


My story is much the same as many people. Different characters but similar woundings. Healing has been a long journey but has been deeply rewarding. I am grateful to say that I am no longer held captive by my trauma or history. Through this work, I have come to know a wholeness within myself that is vast, profound, and infinite. This has taught me that a connection to boundless Joy is possible and that we are all a part of that.  I share this because I once believed that healing fully wasn't possible. My hope is that I can serve as inspiration and support for someone who might feel that way now.

I thank my precious teachers and mentors who have helped shape my path and practice. I owe so much to Deborah Merkle, Carol Gray, Anna Chitty, Liz Chitty, Todd Jackson, Stacy Darby, Carolyn Fine, Teresa Diaz, Mandy Tigre, Manorama, Dharma Mittra, Jasmine Tarkeshi, and Christina Sell. 

Jessica has worked in wellness and holistic healing modalities since 2009 and has been a successful wellness multi-entrepreneur both online and with brick and mortar locations since 2015. She has training and certifications in Reiki Energy Master Level 3, Biodynamic Cranial Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy Certification with Carol Gray, Mind/Body Therapy, Energy Healing, Psychedelic Harm Reduction & Psychedelic Medicine Integration, Western Herbalism, and ERYT 500 Yoga Instructor. Jessica continues mentoring in somatic therapy in Portland, Oregon with Deborah Merkle creator of MindBody Therapy and with Carol Gray in Craniosacral therapy. Jessica is currently studying Biodynamic Cranial Therapy in a 700 hour certification program through The Energy School in Boulder, Colorado with Anna Chitty with expected graduation in 2024


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