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Wellness Business Coaching


The healing frequency of the world is rising. Your healing gifts are needed now more the ever. Learn to connect to your most authentic offering, create a sustainable business model that supports work/life balance, and move past the obstacles that keep you from aligning with your highest vibration. When your work is deeply attuned to your own health, you are in a position within your community to offer your best services. 

Jessica Garay, creator of Moon Vibe Sanctuary & Somatic Intuitive Healing, offers Wellness Business Coaching for healing professionals interested in building a business that nourishes their healing spirit and supports a lifestyle of wellbeing and abundance.


Business Visioning and Idea Development

Business Marketing and Growing

Online Courses & Virtual Businesses

Class Creation & Curriculum Development

Work/Life Balance & Boundaries

Up-leveling Your Offerings

Business Start-Up 101

"As a Somatic Intuitive Healer and a twice over multi-services entrepreneur, I love helping other healers connect with their passions and build businesses that are profitable, sustainable, and inspiring. Send me a message below and let's get started creating or refining a truly amazing business."

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Sessions are dedicated to pinpointing exactly what's blocking your path, getting you out of the weeds, and moving you towards actionable solutions for an up-leveled business that is sustainable, purpose-driven, and life/work balanced. I want to help you create a life you don't feel you need to escape from. Sessions are a blended combination of professional development, inspired action creation, and personal healing and can be held online or in-person.

Deep Dive: 3hrs $500 

This is where we start our work. Our first appointments are a coming together for strategies and solutions on multiple levels. This spacious time allows for big a-ha moments, expansive visioning and clear next steps. 

Follow-ups & Focus Sessions: 90mins $250

Follow-up sessions are available after a deep dive to support exploring for focused issues. This option is also available for new clients who have one aspect of their business they want specific support with. 


Reach out to me below and let me know what you are hoping to work on together!

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