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For Wellness Professionals 

Business Coaching

Wellness Business Coaching


The healing frequency of the world is rising. Your gifts are needed now more the ever. Learn to connect to your most authentic offering, create a sustainable business model that supports work/life balance, and move past the obstacles that keep you from aligning with your highest vibration. Create work from abundance by deeply attuning to your own wellbeing and spirit. 

Jessica Garay, creator of Moon Vibe Sanctuary & Somatic Intuitive Healing™, offers Wellness Business Coaching for healing professionals interested in building a business that nourishes their spirit and supports a lifestyle of wellbeing and abundance.


Business Visioning and Idea Development

Business Marketing and Growing

Online Courses & Virtual Businesses

Class Creation & Curriculum Development

Work/Life Balance & Boundaries

Up-leveling Your Offerings

Business Start-Up 101

Website Design & Design Template Creations

"As a Somatic Intuitive Healer and a twice over multi-services entrepreneur, I love helping other healers connect with their passions and build businesses that are profitable, sustainable, and inspiring. Send me a message below and let's get started creating or refining a truly amazing business."

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"Jessica brings the same intuitive wisdom to her business coaching that she brings when she meets you on the body work table. There is no rush, no agenda-- just space to find the path forward in your career that aligns with your healing, your calling, and your soul purpose. She'll gently guide you back towards self-love when your thinking veers towards a scarcity mindset or you're developing aspects of your offering from a place of shame. She brings a level of savviness and excitement around the practical bits of running a successful business that doesn't come naturally to most healers. For me, her gentle guidance and steady holding has been the alchemy I really needed in order to step firmly into the next phase of my career."
CF - Psychedelic Therapist & Social Justice Activist

Professional Mentorship

Jessica offers private mentorship and training for professional healers in biodynamic somatic therapy and energy healing. If you are interested in deepening or developing your skills in somatic healing work and looking for personalized instruction to fit your niche of work, book a free phone call to get started.

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Business Coaching Sessions: 60 minutes - $170

Dive into strategies and solutions on multiple levels that will support you in those big a-ha moments, expansive visioning and clear next steps.

Professional Mentorship

Email to get start or book a free info call. Mentorship programs are customized to the individual. 


Schedule a free intro call to tell me what you are looking to work on and learn more if working together is a good fit for your business.

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