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 Transformational Embodied Awakening


SIH School Online: Self-Paced Foundational Training

SIH School Certification: In-person Professional Certification Program

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Empower Your Path

Elevate Your Vibration

Embody Your Transformational Wisdom

Somatic Therapy & Movement

Nervous System & Embodiment

Mindset & Emotional Wellness Practices

Spiritual & Intuitive Development

Energy Healing



Learn Universal Healing Technologies

Develop Intuitive Healing Skills

Expand Your Professional Offerings


SIH School Online Program is a self-paced training for those interested in becoming healers through a process of deep transformative growth and skill development. Somatic Intuitive Healing is a holistic approach to well-being which interacts seamlessly with mind, body, and spirit. The more you evolve personally through activities that promote awareness, health, and healing, the more proficient you will become as a healer. SIH School Online teaches the skills necessary in cultivating your own quest for wholeness which will contribute not only to your personal healing, but also to your professional development. SIH School Online is the foundational training for those interested in becoming certified as Somatic Intuitive Healers through the in-person SIH School Certification training. Anyone who interested in adding energy healing and somatic therapy to their current professional offerings is also a good fit. SIH School Online is open to anyone dedicated to their personal evolution and healing transformation, not just those interested in pursuing the healing arts professionally. However, if you are just getting started on your personal healing journey, check out Somatic Starter Course here.

AND! Because I want you to not have to wait to start receiving healing - when you sign up below, you receive a free copy of the Moon Spells Ebook. I created this book as a part of SIH School and it includes 52+ pages of spells and practices to connect you with the power of the moon and your healing potential within. 

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