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Do you feel stuck?

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Like you just can't seem to break free from the same cycles that keep you feeling anxious & disconnected.


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You want to feel embodied

but instead you feel numb and checked out or anxious and stress. Or maybe both.



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Is this familiar? 

  • You feel stuck, anxious, stressed, disconnected.

  • You know there is aspects of emotion being held in your body

  • You get "triggered" easily and can't seem to break free from patterns that keep you unhappy.

  • There is so much information out there that it is hard to narrow down what really works. You want concrete, accessible skills that offer results-driven transformative change and healing.

  • You are ready to up level your personal healing and start making real change with yourself.

  • You recognize that working with the body, mind, and spirit has powerful healing potential and you want to access that within yourself

  • You want a supportive and judgement free space to work on your own transformation and finally break old stuck patterns that keep you from your highest self. You're tired of not having anyone to talk to about the "deep stuff".


If any of these sounds like you -

then you are in the right place!

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"Your course helped me remain in my body and get through one of the hardest weeks of my life. Whole bodied YES."
- RM: Licensed Massage Therapist

Welcome to


A step-by-step online course to break free from painful stuck emotional cycles by healing the nervous system & reconnecting to body & spirit

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Are you ready? 

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"I have a much better understanding of the role of the nervous system as well as my own tendencies and patterns (and some deeper insight into my sweeties..!). This alone has helped me deepen my level of self-compassion so that I can better meet my needs and find some equilibrium during times of stress. Overall, it's helped strengthen my relationship with my body, my intuition, and awareness, so that I can better show up for myself."
- KR: Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher

"I have experienced many types of therapy and healing modalities, Jessica's work is other worldly and she truly is one of a kind."

Image by Denys Nevozhai

"A truly unique and transformative process. Jessica and her offerings are priceless gems. I know myself better, have more freedom, and feel more at home in my body since working with Jessica."

-RL: Naturopath & Somatic Therapist

Image by Studio Kealaula
-AM: Yoga Therapist
I'm Jessica

I developed Somatic Starter Course from my direct experience in my own healing journey with CPTSD and childhood trauma. 


I have implemented these tools in hundreds of sessions in my private somatic therapy practice and know that healing is possible and your body holds the wisdom to support your wellbeing. 


I have been working within wellness for almost two decades and have crafted this offering from the deepest aspects of my spirit to bring you something that is epically transformative yet accessible and real.


My career as a healer has led me through owning 3 successful yoga studios to traveling internationally teaching movement and embodiment, holistic wellness, and accessible spirituality. I am equal parts witch and science geek and believe in gentle trauma-informed practices and the intelligence of your body as a doorway to healing. 

I am honored to be your guide and touchstone on this transformative journey.

As Seen In


Here Is What You Will Receive Inside Of
The Somatic Starter Course




As part of the Somatic Starter course you will get access to a private online group. You can get individual support from Jessica and connect with others in the Somatic Starter community

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Best Price



5 Affordable Monthly Payments

$97/month x 5

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  • 28 Video Classes 

    • Movement & Yoga

    • Meditations & Breath Work

    • Nervous System Regulation & Somatic Embodiment Practices

    • Emotional Wellness Education & Vagal Nerve Theory and Practices

    • Emotional Release Practices

    • Relationship Repair

    • Radical Self Love & Curated Self-Care 

    • Boundary Work

    • Intuition Development

    • & More

  • 24 Audio Lessons on Breath, Shaking, & More 

    • Shake It Off: Qi Gong Shaking 

    • Restoration Meditation: Reconstruct Your Emotional Health with Mindfulness Meditation

    • Energy Protection for Healers & Empaths

    • Spirit Guide Connection Meditation

    • Beautiful Breathing: Pranayama Practices 

  • PDFs & Templates for Wellness & Healing 

    • Nourishing The Nervous System 

    • Widening The Window Of Contentment

    • Finding Your Sacred Time 

    • Your Emotional Chart 

    • The Relationship Repair 

    • Healthy Emotional Release PDF

    • What do you love list

    • Your Spirit Name Graphic

    • Create Your Daily Practice Template

    • Boundary Setting Template

  • Real Time Connection & Feedback w/ Jessica 

    • Get feedback on your unique situation

    • Connect with community

    • Receive support and motivation to get past stuck places

  • 30 days free on Yoga Anytime with 1000s of online videos and workshops for all levels 


Try it risk free 

The Transformational-Ease-Your-Mind-No-Hassle Guarantee 



Somatic Starter Course comes with a no hassle 100% guarantee risk free trail period. After buying the course, you have 4 days to change your mind and cancel. You do not need to give any reason nor will you find any push back whatsoever. I want you to love this course. I want you to find transformational change and become empowered with tools and knowledge. I can see you rising strong with the support of a loving community and moving towards your most epic life. And I fully believe in you and this course and the potential for radical change and awakening. It is why I'm willing to let you check it out risk free and if it seems like it is not a good fit for you for any reason, just shoot me an email within that 4 day window and I will refund you your full price. I am not here to scam you out of your hard earned and well deserved money. I want to see you thrive and shine and if this course is not helping you do that then I want to support you in finding a support system that will. 

Image by Who’s Denilo ?
"This appealed to me initially as a way to more fully integrate my own yoga practice into ongoing nervous system regulation, both to manage my own anxiety and to help me support my closest relationships. 
As the lessons progress, it's become clear that there is much work for me to do in honest assessment of my emotions, the thought patterns which give rise to them and the blocks they create in my life. Learning to pay attention to physical sensation, and to honor that, has begun to illuminate areas that need attention. I found the Emotional Sensation wheels and Vibrational Emotional Scale charts to be fascinating and extremely helpful in this process.
So far, I think the biggest “win” has been developing an ability to confront strong emotional reactions, both my own and others’, with greater compassion."


Q: What is the start date? 

A: Somatic Starter course is open-enrollment throughout the year with groups joining throughout the year.

Q: What is the format?

A: Somatic Starter Course is an online program that is hosted on a private online teaching platform. Included on that platform are all the videos, worksheets, downloads, audios and more. There is a private Slack group for connecting with Jessica and each other as a community. Everything you need to take the course is offered via these platforms

Q: How long does it take to finish?

A: Timing is self-paced. You can take as long or as short of a time as you need to finish the course. However, for integration purposes, I recommend spending at least 2 weeks per module so that you have time to process and integrate into your life for best results. At that rate it would then take 2 months to finish. You have "forever" access to the course. As long as it is available you will have access to it.

Q: How much does it cost? 

A: Currently we are offering Early Bird pricing at $397 when paying in full or a payment plan of $97/month for 5 months. Sign up here

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