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Full Flower Blood Moon Eclipse

That is a lot going on.

It takes all the power of the moon and turns the dial up to amplify its effects. You might expect to feel a little more emotions, a little more restless, and have some shadows peak out. And that is the focus this month. This powerful beautiful eclipse can be seen on Wednesday in the skies in the western states in the early morning hours just shortly after the moon has become completely full.

Eclipses are for revealing.

For shedding light on places unseen and unconscious.

As the light moves into the shadow it gives us eyes and ears to hear a different frequency. It amplifies the volume of our deeper intuition and gives voice to what is unspoken. It is a time for loosening the vests of armor over the heart and letting in the softness so that it speaks and listens and decides what is next. It gives a clarity to what is needed to be offered up to the cosmos. As the light returns, so does this offering; refreshed and recycled to be used as energy for what brings us delight, what brings us into closer connection, what lights up the truth of who we are and moves us closer to our authentic selves. There is an opportunity for shedding what is no longer useful in our evolution and growth. Within the healing that has been done up until this point, we see what out dated adaptations of survival we still are using and are given the portal necessary to send back those contracts with the gratitude and reverence they deserve for getting us this far along in the game. With these night eyes we can see clearly the subtleties of how we are still trapped in our maskings and protective shields. How these tools of survival deflect out our upset as well as our joy. And in a prayer to know our wholeness, we soften. In the darkness, we let the protected self out so that she can breath in the fresh indigo air. So that we can lead from the depths of our hearts vs the strength of our armor.

Here is a spell for opening the heart and shedding the un-useful.

Take out a piece of paper and write down all the things that you long for. Not the material things. Its not that kind of manifestation. But the quality of life things. The connection of spirit things.

Trust and know that the clearer and more precise you are on the qualities of the heart, that anything material that supports those qualities will arise with it. Here are some questions to help get the things flowing:

How do you want to be loved? Seen? Heard? Known?

What do you want to contribute to the world? Your loved ones? Yourself?

What do you no longer want to hide? Discard? Abandon?

How do you want to feel? Emotionally? Physically? Mentally? Spiritually?

Now on the back side of this paper, rewrite these qualities out as affirmations 2x. The first time you will use the standard present affirmative tense. "I am loving" The second time you will make it a question by adding in a "why". This is helping your brain seek out ways in which these affirmations are true and real. For example; "Why am I so loving" or "Why am I so openhearted". Keep this paper on your person or on an altar. Record your own voice saying them if that is helpful and listen and repeat these affirmations at least 3x daily.

Now on another piece of paper, write down the qualities you are ready to shed. Be specific. Think of ways in which you shield and protect yourself that you are ready to let go off.

When you've got this list done; burn it, water it, and bury it under the moonlight.

Now at some point in the light of the full moon; get your list of affirmations and say this:

Dearest Mother Goddess Moon, Bless me with the insight of your hidden shadows. Let me see what no longer serves me from the perspective of your highest viewpoint. Shine your indigo eclipse light into my heart to awaken my intuition and knowing of what I truly am and how to move closer to that truth. Hear my voice now and infuse these words with the power of your light.

- Now say your affirmations out loud

With reverence and gratitude, thank you for bringing these truths into my reality and aligning me with my authentic spirit. And so it is.

Pause and feel the light infusing you, your heart, your being. Feel the truth of your words and know it to be real and current and already happening. Let it soak into every bone and every fiber of your body. When ready, place a hand on your heart and offer your own heart a blessing and a declaration of love.

Happy Full Flower Blood Moon Eclipse my beautiful earth angels. May you be filled with the gorgeous light of your own spirit.

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