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Spells For Summer Season

Here is the PNW we are finally getting to our first days of warm weather and drying out our damp bones from a particularly rainy spring. In honor of the summer solstice and the return of river season, I wanted to share with you some simple and summery spells that you can practice while you soak up all the summer fun. Starting off this month with my favorite summer activity - River Time :)

River Float Clearing

This doesn't necessarily need to be on a river but any natural body of water will do. A practice I use often in my Somatic Intuitive Healing™ sessions is to lean back. I do this both for myself and with clients. One way that I use to embody this sensation is to imagine that I am floating on a river and feeling into the current below me. Even though I'm not necessarily touching it, I can feel the movement that the river carries underneath me. This connects me to the greater energy of that river. So in this spell, you are using the actual river (or lake or ocean) to connect to the power of the water. Natural bodies of water also create healing ions that support our nervous system to feel calm and grounded. The other somatic therapy bonus of water is that when we swim in cool water, it supports the toning of the vagus nerve which helps support a healthy and regulated nervous system. So you can say with full confidence that your summer river trips are actually therapeutic and needed - fun and medicine. Next time you are at a body of water, either on a float or while swimming (and of course adhering to all necessary safety protocols) take a moment to connect into the movement of the water. Let you body be carried by the natural rhythm and feel yourself become connected to and a part of that rhythm. When ready say the following (or something similar that resonates)

"Beautiful flowing water, thank you for your support and gentle guidance. Help clear away what blocks my flow. May all my obstacles wash away and return to source in your healing currents. Please bless and guide me to be aligned with my inner wisdom and flow smoothly towards my highest self. Thank you for your blessings. And so it is."

Feel your troubles float away and open to receive the blessings moving towards you.

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