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Surrender & Quiet: Full Moon Blessings

For me, full moons are a monthly marker that give me the opportunity to pause and feel into where I am at and how I am doing. These last few weeks have felt like a kind of sped up vortex of awareness. Which sounds super magical but in experience is actually pretty tender and uncomfortable. I think the ritual of slowing down in the summer lends itself to getting more present with the truth of where we are and I have been integrating some of the feelings that have been held in protective mode over the last couple of years. Fear, grief, anger are just some of the emotions that have finally been able to surface more wholey as my body settles more deeply into feeling safety around me. This full moon my offering is a spell of quiet and surrender. Full moons are opportunities for shedding and release. They symbolize the ending of a cycle. This full moon is intertwined with the Lions Gate portal of 8/8 that just past which is an energetic opportunity for creation and manifesting. The way that I intuit this paradoxial combination is that the surrendering energy of the moon is magnified which allows for a more furtile compost to grow your desires and creativity. The deeper we let go of obstacles to our highest vibrational state, the resulting effects are supported in their most expansive experience.

For this full moon practice find yourself a quiet space that you can lay down comfortably. Gather extra pillows and softness to create a place that feels nurturing and supportive. Once you are all snuggled in and cozy, put your hands on your belly. Follow the movement of your breath with your hands. Notice how the hands are pressed into with the body as your inhale and how the hands fall into the body as you exhale. Feel into the sensations of the body filling with the breath and emptying again. Spend some time here until you feel at ease and connected with your inner body and sensations.

When you are ready, ask the body to show you any place that is in the body that is ready to surrender and let go. Let yourself be quiet and listen. Once you have a place that seems to "raise it's hand", bring your attention there. Ask this place - "what are you ready to surrender?" Continue to listen until there is a clear answer. If the answers are not clear but leave you unsure, simply follow up with "tell me more".

Once you have something that you have been guided to surrender, imagine what it would look like. Give it form. What color would it be? Shape? Texture? Allow those details to come from listening vs thinking. Once you have a visual idea of what is being surrender, imagine that it begins to expand and rise out of you. It continues to rise into the space above you. Continues even further past the ceiling and into the sky. It reaches the rays of the light of the moon and is carried to her. Allow yourself to surrender this to the light of the moon completely. Feel your own body becoming lighter and more expansive as this form is released and offered to the moonlight.

When you feel complete, allow as much time as you need to simply soak in the vibration of quiet and release. Notice the sensations of what it feels like to no longer have this aspect with you. When ready, take a moment to thank your body for it's wisdom and offer gratitude for the healing salve of the moon.

End with "and so it be"

Now go rest.

xoxo forever,


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