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Full Moon & Spring Equinox

Finding balance through the practice of feeling safety

I always know that spring is on its way in Portland because the cherry blossom trees begin to bloom. There are many streets that are lined with these beautiful pink bundles that come April when the blossoms fall the sidewalks are covered in pink snow. Seeing these bloom is like a sigh of relief to any pacific northwestern person who has made it through the depths of the dark winter. Although there is still more rain to come, we at least know that the light of the sun is on its way and the days begin to be filled with a mixture of sunshine and rain that make for the best season - rainbow season!

Next week will mark the Spring Equinox, a day that signals balance, rebirth, and growth. And this week we close out the week with a Full Moon in Virgo. This month's energy is all about coming into balance and clearing the path forward for what you'd like to cultivate and grow in your life. In so many ways, the equinox is the true New Years. It is when we all begin the process of crawling out of our dens and begin to peak our heads back out into the world.

One thing that I have been working on and am creating this month's ceremony around is the practice of safety. A conversation that has come up a few times in SIH School is the paradox of feeling safe. That for those of us who don't have a lot of experience feeling safe, safety feels scary. It can also feel so unfamiliar that we don't recognize it when we are in it and the reverse is true too. We don't recognize when we feel unsafe either. When I refer to "safety", I am talking about a more subtle emotional-somatic-energetic experience of safety. The big physical safety needs like food, water, shelter are also required but those are more obvious (although unfortunately there are so many who lack those basic rights). We are have now all passed the 2 year pandemic mark and the toll of living in uncertainty and a lacking of safety has ripple impacts on our bodies, communities, and spirits. We cannot control the outcome of the world around us but for many of us, we do have the privilege of gifting ourselves with an internal experience of feeling safe.

What I want to point out is that part of this practice may bring up the emotions that are being held because of feeling unsafe. That as one settles the body and nervous system, emotional content that has been held or protected can rise to the surface. If you need support in working with your emotional wellness, please reach out! Healing is done best when in a supportive therapeutic relationship.

The intention behind this practice is to feel into safety so that you can access your most grounded, nourished, and aligned self. From there, you can identify and clarify what seeds your want to plant in this year's season of rainbows.

Finding Safety Practice

  • Find a comfortable place to lay down. This can be a bed, couch, floor. Make sure the space is clear of clutter, noise, and that you won't be interrupted.

  • Create a comfort nest. Grab blankets, pillows, cozy socks, nice lighting, your favorite candle, calming music. Set yourself up for the most nurturing physical experience. Have extra blankets and pillows around.

  • Once you are all set up, lay down and get cozy.

  • Close your eyes. Connect with your breath. Follow your inhales and exhales.

  • After a few minutes, when you feel settled and relaxed, scan the body. Make sure to scan with the mindset of welcoming and curiosity vs seeking and solving.

  • Notice any places that you feel drawn to. Maybe they are tense or feel tingly. Maybe it is more of a gravitational pull or like a magnetic attraction. There can be more than one. Just notice them for now.

  • Pick the place that feels like the most potent or has the strongest pull on your attention.

  • Imagine that you can saturate this place in your body with your attention. Like you are watching something wonderful and interesting. Try to have the mindset of welcoming.

  • Now stay with this place and imagine a color of light that symbolizes welcoming and acceptance and safety for you. Imagine filling this space with that color of light.

  • Feel the body's response to your attention and presence. Be mindful of any "fixing" energy.

  • Invite the body to rest into safety. Notice what happens as you send the invitation.

  • If the body resists - stay with it. Keep offering it the light of safety, welcoming, and acceptance.

  • Continue with this until you feel that you have soften into safety (or as much as you are comfortable with right now - no judgement).

  • Once done, allow yourself to simply rest back. Let go of any residual effecting or tracking. Simply be with rest. If there are any lingering places that are holding you can send those places in your body your light of safety and welcoming.

  • When you're ready, slowly bring yourself back to the room and then eventually to a seat.

  • Take out a journal or paper. Using the below prompts, let yourself write without censoring. It doesn't need to make sense. Just allow whatever comes through to come through.

    • When I am safe, I feel / I am....

    • What I need to feel safe is....

    • I am going to bring balance into my days by....

    • The seeds of this year's rainbow season that I want to plant are...

May you be held in the light of the Goddess and may her embrace fill your being with comfort, ease, and nurturing.

Sending you all so much blessings and love for this Full Moon and Equinox!





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