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Full Moon In Radical Self Love

This full moon all I am praying for, manifesting, shining a big full moon light on is how can I love myself even more radically. I am sending you the vibrational YES's to let go of anything that isn't helping to honor the fantastical bad ass sparkle pants that you are and to snuggle in tight with those that make your world feel more free and expansive. No more garnering love to those who cannot give it to you in the way that you need and no more maneuvering to adjust in the hopes that one day they will. Let them go. Because the radiant full moon shines brightly on the inside of you. No matter what the moon looks like in the sky it is always full of light. No matter what it looks like from the outside, inside you, is full of light.

Although Full Moon Energy is most potent for +/- 3 days of the actual full moon, this cycle, my invitation to you is to partake in this ceremony when the feeling is right for you. And if that is right now, or next week, let it be whenever is honest and true for you. The preparing for the blessing is the blessing itself. Full on, 100% totally all in on your most genuine desire filled self. Let yourself get juicy with "I am a radical goddess/god" energy. Feel that expansive fluid radiant motion swirling all around you and within you. Call in your highest glittering heart swell, and from there, when it authentically happens, you are ready to call in this manifesting YES energy spell. (PSA: Everyone's glitter heart swell moment will look and feel unique to them. For some it will be exuberant and buoyant and for others it will be a small gentle and subtle urge or whisper from a quiet place. Honor who you are and how your glitter pants shows up knowing that in whatever way that spark of connection to authenticity is ignited, it is valid and wonderful)


  • Get out a piece of paper. Bonus points for it being a nice piece of paper, a card, or some other inspiring stationary. Bonus bonus if you spritz it with something fragrant.

  • You are going to write a love letter, to you.

  • Let it be the most gushy, loving, pep talking, admiring, rooting for, encouraging, flattering, love letter in the history of the universe. Tell yourself all the qualities that are so damn awesome about yourself. Write out all the reasons why you are magical AF and an honest to goddess miracle. Lavishly spell out all the details of your many accomplishments and wildly celebrate every victory that has gotten you to this remarkable place in the world. Take time to go all out. No humbleness. Let it verge towards bragging. End the letter with "I love me, I love me, I love me. And so it be"

  • Now, in the light of the moon, out loud, profess your love. Read your love letter to you. Be bold and invite safe and trusting loved ones to celebrate with you if that feels supportive. Let the light of the moon drip down into these words and onto this letter filling it with a permanence that extends to every full moon after. Know that as you say these words, you are casting a circle of spelled moon light around you and your heart to know the true worth and value of you and for you to love every cell and fiber of your being for all eternity.

  • Keep this letter in a special place. Read it daily or as often as you like over the next few weeks and then whenever you need a reminder.

I love me.

I love you.



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