Full Moon Banishment & Protection

Here we are. Fall colors. Crisp air. And the mood is internal and longing to get cozy. This is the season of nesting and preparing for another winter. And there is no room for any BS.

This full moon in Aries, fiery and strong willed, has the energy of burning down what is ready to go and sealing the door so it cannot return. Take stock of what has transpired over the last year and what lessons have come to your doorstep, what people have revealed their true nature and therefore the truth of your relationship, who is still in your ride or die crew and which relationships have been burnt up in a cremation fire, and what ways of being are ready to be swept up along with the decaying leaves and turned into compost?

These are the pondering of these moon lit days. The energy is sharp. Clear. Almost abrasive. However this is the time to speak directly as there are aspects here that have outstayed their welcome.

Your practice this full moon is three-fold.

Part 1

Take time over the coming days to write down the things that are no longer welcome by your fireside. Be 100% honest about what you are truly ready to release as this moon's energy is a powerful agent for letting go. Once you have written your list, visualize these aspects gone from your life. What are you doing? How do you feel? What is different? Feel the feelings that come along with the endings and envision clearly you life without them.

Now light a fire (somewhere safe) and burn that paper.

Part 2

Protect your home.

Now that you have released what is no longer serving you. Seal you home energetically and protect it from any energy that might want to creep back in or new but unwanted aspects to show up.

Create a banishing talisman. This can be anything. From a rock or stone to an ornate piece of art. What matters is that you know what it is and it carries some resonance with you. Take the talisman into your hands and feel your own power coming through your hands and into your talisman.

Say these words:

"I infuse you with the power of protection.

Protect this home and all that are in it.

Circle this home with a protective field.

Any being, energy, or person from any timeline, realm, or dimension that causes harm is banished from here. Their energy is returned to them 3 fold.

Only beings, energy, and persons with loving & just intentions and highest compassion may enter this field.