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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

So who's been feeling like they are getting tossed around? Hit from both sides? Rugs being pulled out? The air is full of angst and this is the energy of this November full moon lunar eclipse! But don't worry; it's not all bad news....

Full moon energy is energy of completion. It is the ending of a cycle. It is the biggest that something is going to get and the days or even weeks leading up to it can tap into its pregnant growth. It is part of the transitioning over into something new because something else has finished expanding. When we have a lunar eclipse that energy is magnified 3x. Now, for some of us this is going to mean boat rocking, winds changing, and turbulent waters. However, for everyone, this can be seen as a godsend.

There is a saying from one of my favorite teacher's (shout out to Jasmine Tarkeshi):

"Let go or be dragged!"

When things are not going well or there is dis-ease in your life, it is a sign from the cosmos that something is no longer in alignment for you. The questions are; where you are playing within the energy of the death field and how are you going to release that which is no longer serving you into the compost that is source light? The anxiety, upset, anger, frustration all come from when we don't see (or don't want to see) that which is already gone. Instead we play the game of getting rigid or righteous, controlling or condescending, self-depreciating or self-sacrificing. This lunar eclipse is an opportunity knocking on your door to step into your power and transform your reality. Ask yourself:

What is no longer working for you?
What keeps you up at night?
What do you worry about?


Now I know there are some things where this is far easier said than done. But often there is some nugget, some core aspect of every problem that is rooted in a base fear. Some essence of the situation that stirs in a feeling of being unsafe. Finding that potent seed within you is the work. Once that is found, the rest is as simple as unfolding your clenched fists.

This full moon is special because it is the last eclipse of the year, it is the longest eclipse in over 500 years, and it is the beginning of a cycle of eclipses that will run through 2023. That means the choices you are making right now will be part of the themes that play out over the next year and then some. So make sure you are choosing wisely.

Choose YOU
Choose PEACE

Do not give your power away to anyone right now. Do not compromise your integrity. Do not give into the the needs of others unless they are aligned with your own needs and the wellbeing of your highest self. Do not do the work for anyone else except for your own soul's evolution. This will look different for everyone but what it should look like is different for you. There should be some aspect of pattern that you are changing. Don't do what you normally do. This is the time to let go of that old, worn out, maladapted way of being. Make a clear choice to end some aspect of being that is no longer useful to you. The clearer you are, the more fine-tuned you can get, the more easeful the route will be.

For some of you the choice will be easy. You might have already done this or know exactly what it is you have to do. For others it will be more difficult to see. Use this practice to tap into the seed of truth within you and then use the Moon Spell to set it free.

Meditation practice:

  • Find a comfortable and quiet place where you will not be disturbed for at least 30 - 45 minutes. You can do this in less but it is good to give yourself time and space to be fully present.

  • Lay down and make yourself comfortable. Use pillows and blankets. It is best to not do this in bed so that you stay awake. Have some extra pillows near you to support your arms if needed.

  • Close your eyes and settle into your body. Adjust anywhere that is needed and then begin to connect to your breath. Follow your inhale and exhale to help bring you into a state of calm and relaxation. Even use the words - inhale/exhale - as you breath to help you stay connected to the body.

  • Once you feel relaxed and calm, bring to mind whatever has been up for you lately. Anything that has happened over the past few weeks that has brought on feelings of upset, worry, confusion, doubt, sadness, anxiety, or anger. Sometimes the feelings can be subtler than these too so it might be simply an experience or situation that felt off to you. Allow yourself to go into the memory enough to recall the feelings but don't get caught in the story. Once you feel the feeling, that is enough.

  • Now staying with the feelings that it brings up, feel into your body. Notice sensations, textures, movement, urges. Is there anywhere that seems to draw you to it, have a kind of magnetism or gravity pull? A place that seems to raise it's hand or your awareness just goes to? If you have multiple places come up in the body, just choose one. If you are unsure of where to go after a few minutes, start at the center of the heart space.

  • Place your hands on this spot in the body. Use pillows to support the hands. If it is somewhere that would be uncomfortable to put a hand, use a pillow or blanket or something weighted to contact that part of the body. We use this as a way to help hold our attention in that place.

  • With your attention and presence at this place in the body, allow yourself to soften some more. Let go of being laser focused or of over-efforting. Imagine yourself reclined in a comfortable lounge chair in the back side of your mind over looking a sunset or mountain view. Witness this part of the body in a wide and open perspective. From a leaned back and relaxed viewpoint. Notice any texture, movement, object, shape, feeling, sensation. Welcome it all. Let it all have a neutral quality and equally accepted. If you find yourself tensing up, remind yourself to lean back into the lounge chair of the mind and breath.

  • When ready, ask this part of the body - "What would you like me to know?" "What do you need?"

  • And then return to listening. Lean back. Wide open. Listening.

  • When ready come back to your breath - inhale/exhale -

  • Then add a little movement into the body. Open the eyes slowly. Return to the space around you.

  • Journal about your experience.

Hopefully some aspect of new understanding is gained. Spend time thinking about what you need to do in action (if there is anything) to help support you in resolving this aspect of self. If there is something to do, do it. Whatever happened spend time loving on yourself and giving yourself tons of self-compassion and understanding. If this practice resonates with you and you want to learn more about this work click HERE to sign up for the next launch of SIH School.

Lunar Eclipse Moon Spell

Plant your feet on the earth. Connect to the stars and the moon. Use a voice that is loud and fierce and strong. And say these words as many times as you need until you feel it is done.

I call back all of my power

From all beings, entities, and forms

From all places, timelines and dimensions

Whether given away consciously or unconsciously

I call my power back now.

I cut all cords and connections that are not serving my highest good

From all beings, entities, and forms

From all places, timelines and dimensions

Whether they are intentional or unintentional

I release those ties and return them to source

End by saying - "And so it be"

I am sending each of you light and blessings on your path of healing and wellbeing. May the light of this moon shine into the crevices of the shadows and illuminate exactly what is holding you back. May you step into this new season of light lifted into the stars and connected more deeply into the vastness of your being and your expansive nature.

If you would like to support small business this season consider purchasing a gift certificate HERE for massage or healing services. Your support means so much.

With warmth,


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