Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

So who's been feeling like they are getting tossed around? Hit from both sides? Rugs being pulled out? The air is full of angst and this is the energy of this November full moon lunar eclipse! But don't worry; it's not all bad news....

Full moon energy is energy of completion. It is the ending of a cycle. It is the biggest that something is going to get and the days or even weeks leading up to it can tap into its pregnant growth. It is part of the transitioning over into something new because something else has finished expanding. When we have a lunar eclipse that energy is magnified 3x. Now, for some of us this is going to mean boat rocking, winds changing, and turbulent waters. However, for everyone, this can be seen as a godsend.

There is a saying from one of my favorite teacher's (shout out to Jasmine Tarkeshi):

"Let go or be dragged!"

When things are not going well or there is dis-ease in your life, it is a sign from the cosmos that something is no longer in alignment for you. The questions are; where you are playing within the energy of the death field and how are you going to release that which is no longer serving you into the compost that is source light? The anxiety, upset, anger, frustration all come from when we don't see (or don't want to see) that which is already gone. Instead we play the game of getting rigid or righteous, controlling or condescending, self-depreciating or self-sacrificing. This lunar eclipse is an opportunity knocking on your door to step into your power and transform your reality. Ask yourself:

What is no longer working for you?
What keeps you up at night?
What do you worry about?


Now I know there are some things where this is far easier said than done. But often there is some nugget, some core aspect of every problem that is rooted in a base fear. Some essence of the situation that stirs in a feeling of being unsafe. Finding that potent seed within you is the work. Once that is found, the rest is as simple as unfolding your clenched fists.

This full moon is special because it is the last eclipse of the year, it is the longest eclipse in over 500 years, and it is the beginning of a cycle of eclipses that will run through 2023. That means the choices you are making right now will be part of the themes that play out over the next year and then some. So make sure you are choosing wisely.

Choose YOU
Choose PEACE