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Full Moon Blessings - Abundance

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Full Moon Blessings

Gathering the energy of ABUNDANCE

Draw your attention to the expansive qualities in your life.

Pull focus on what you have and what is walking through your door.

Notice when your attention is fixed on what isn't there and call into your heart the light of this full moon.

Here is a simple spell for working with the full moon

Starting today and for the next 3 days, write down all the things you can think of that are abundant in your life. Like a gratitude list but fine tuned towards abundance. This can be from the mundane to the magical. From comfy pillows and good snacks in the cabinet to spaciousness for relaxation and support teams of friends and healers. Notice how the heart feels when you think of all the abundant experiences and qualities you have around you.

On the full moon, get the biggest crystal or rock or jewel that you have (and can transport) and hold it in your hand as you bask up at the full moon. If it's raining, the moon is still there even through the clouds and you can imagine that the raindrops are like little moonbeam vessels carrying the moonlight directly to you.

Take out your list and start naming all the abundant qualities surrounding you in your life.

Feel into the earth and from your heart feel up to the moon. Feel the fullness of her light reaching into your heart, expanding its spaciousness and infusing your crystal with all of its bright big energy. Stay here for as long as you are called. When your are ready. Say the following:

"Dearest Moon Light Beams, Fill me with the fullness of your Light.

Gift me with the vastness of your view.

Expand my abundance to reach you in the cosmos.

And so it shall be.

And so it is.

Now pause and hold that energy filling and sending blessings and gratitude through yourself, your crystal and to the moon. When you are ready, place your crystal in a special place in your home that you see and spend time in. Every time you see this crystal, pause and remind yourself of all the abundance in your life.

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