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Let It Flow Free & Move On

Full Moon Blessings!

This is our first full moon of 2022 and a completion of a cycle started on the winter solstice in December. This full moon is in cancer and is full of all the water-y emotion of that sign. However as with all full moons, there is also power there. The power to tap into the flow of spirit and source and what truly aligns you with your highest vision and self. We do this by releasing the blockages that cover up that inner truth. Like clouds obstructing the moon, the light is always there. It is whether we can see past what perspectives block the fullness of our vast inner radiance.

Let Your Radiance Shine

Today's full moon ceremony, I want to offer you a way to get into contact with that flowing energy within yourself. Full moon's are about completion and the invitation for today is to ask what rocks, boulders, twigs, or branches to you have blocking the flow to your inner river?

Energy is designed to flow and move. Source energy connects and flows through your amazing body. Spending some quiet internal time with your inner most abundant resource, your body's intelligence, opens you up to a wellspring of limitless healing and vast potential.

When you are ready, find a comfortable place where you can spend some time without interruption. This doesn't have to be a formal meditation spot. Your bed at the end of the day works too!

You can practice this laying down or in a seated position.

Find a comfortable way to be with your body.

Take some time to relax and start to feel into the sensations and experience of the body. Notice how you feel, where your thoughts go, what sensations are present.

When ready start your awareness at the top of the head. You will be inviting spirit and source energy to help clear your center channel and connect you to your inner flowing river of energy.

Start by opening up to spirit/source. Use the following words or something similar that resonates with you:

"Guides & Spirits of the Highest Compassion and Love, Source Infinite Energy, please bless me with your support and healing. I surrender any obstacles in my path and inner energy to you and ask that you help me to open myself to the vastness of my own inner light. May this be for the healing and highest good for myself and all beings."

If there are any specific guides, angels, spirits, or source that you work with, invite them to support you by saying their name and inviting them in. Once you have connected to high vibrational source energy, you are ready to practice opening to the current within.

Starting at the crown of the head, feel (or use your imagination) energy moving into the head. Feel that energy fill the space. Notice if there is any specific tone that goes with that energy and area of the body. Find the vibrational tone within the body. Hear it. And now make that tone with your own voice. It might take a few tries. Let the tone grow and feel it fill this space. As the tone within you and the one you are making with your own voice grows, it moves any obstacles or blockages within this space of your body.

Now move towards the throat. Repeat the process of listening for a tone. Use your own voice to replicate and join in with the inner tone. Let it fill until it clears the river to flow.

Next is the heart, then the belly, then the pelvis. Use your own voice, any movement that comes up, and let any emotion flow.

Once you have moved through the whole channel (from head to pelvis) take time to feel into the experience of your body now. What has changed? Notice any feelings or sensations of opening and expansion. Feel into the river of flowing light that is within you. Feel the freedom of being without obstacles.

When you are ready, come back into the space around you and journal about your experiences. Over the coming days and weeks, notice any places in your life that are "obstacles to your flowing river". Find your inner tone and set those obstacles free.

Sending you all lots of love and light



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