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Full Moon Blessings - Unearth Your Clarity

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The time has come for you to get CLEAR

Unearthing Spell

  • If you did not do the spell from last month - do that spell first. Click HERE to get going.

  • Have a journal or paper/pen ready. Take out list from jar, dump out the dirt but save some for later, and clean out the jar so it is clear. Read over challenges and on a new piece of paper, write down what insights you have gained or what you have learned or accomplished in regards to these challenges.

  • Now make a clear vision affirmation list. These statements should be in the present tense and be affirmative. The statements should relate to the ways in which you have overcome or how you have transitioned through your recent challenges. Examples are: If the challenge was related to something you felt overwhelmed by or fearful of, you can write: I am capable, strong and brave. If the challenge was about a problem you didn't know how to resolve, you can write: I have powerful solutions to my challenges. If the challenge was related to feeling alone; the affirmation could be; I am surrounded by support or I am cared for and loved. If the challenge was related to financial worry or career, write - I have access to limitless resources.

  • Write down the affirmations again on a separate piece of paper. You should have your affirmations written out twice.

  • Take the first paper with the insights you've gained and affirmations and place them in the same (now cleaned) jar. Place this jar outside or in the window to bask in the light of the moon. Take a moment to connect to your body, earth, and the stars. Call in your spirit guides, the moon goddess and the divine by saying:

"Dearest Moon Goddess, Earth Mother, Guides and Spirits of the Highest Vibration, Angels and Archangels, Highest Healed Ancestors, I ask you for your blessings to bring these truths into manifest. I affirm these desires and call them to be created in my life. Offer me signs and confirmations of the presence of these affirmed truths in my life. As I speak these affirmations, infuse them with your light and expansive reach so to link these high quality vibrations in every corner in the cosmos to me. As I speak the words, they are magnified by the light of this moon and by the vastness of your knowing. Please carry these words as prayers to the universe to support me in connecting and fulfilling my highest purpose for the good of all beings. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. And so it is. And so it be."

  • Take the challenges list from the previous moon spell and dig a small hole in your yard. Burn the list and bury it using some of the old dirt from the jar and whatever else you need to cover the ashes. Make sure the list is burned completely. Once it is buried, pour some water over the the freshly buried ashes. Offer gratitude to spirit and the moon and close by saying "I release these challenges to the light, please recycle this energy to return to me for the highest good of all beings - And so it is. And so it be."

  • Tape on your doorway or a mirror or your fridge the list of affirmations and say them out loud at least once per day or as many times as you are called. Keep your eyes out for signs of manifesting and encouragement :)


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