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Today's full moon is about completing a cycle. Sending all the energy of the cosmos to help us close this ring of fire and make it whole so that the energy can rebound into new life.

Today's spell is simple yet powerful. A potent manifesting practice for quantum leaping called The Two Cup Method. Use the full moon light to amplify this already transformative spell and open a portal into the realm of you that has finished this cycle, closed the door, opened a new one AND stepped through to a revitalized landscape. Here's what you need:

  • Two glasses of water

  • Two pieces of paper or sticky notes

  • Your fullest attention

Step 1: Write out your current reality. What is happening right now that you would like to change, shift, end, close, etc. For example; I am weighted down by financial debt, I am not in a relationship, I don't feel well. This cyan really be about anything you want to shift. Put this sticky note or tape this piece of paper on one of the cups.

Step 2: Write out your new desired reality. What do you want to happen, to be in your life, to bring into manifest with the closing of this cycle? Write this out in detail. For example: I am free of financial debt, My partner and me are deeply supportive of each other and in love, I am healed and feel well. Put this second piece of paper or sticky note on the other cup.

Step 3: Envision your new reality. Really see the closure coming from the old reality. Feel how that feels. Imagine all the details of your new reality. What are you doing, where are you, what are you talking about, who's with you, what do you feel like in this new reality.

Step 4: When you feel deeply connected to this new reality. When you can feel it in your body, pour cup 1 with the old reality into cup 2 with the new reality.

Step 5: Hold this new reality cup of water in your hands and continue to feel into your new chapter. This is a great time to go outside and add in the potent rays of the moonlight to infuse this water even more. Spend as much time as you like immersed in the vision of this new reality.

Step 6: Drink the water.

Step 7: Feel the water go down into your body. Offer gratitude for this shift that has now taken place and is on its way to you. Close by saying any gratitude to spirit, the moon. End by saying out loud - "And so it be".

Sending you all love and blessings!



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