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Solstice Blessings


Solstice Blessings!

It is the ending of cycles and the beginning of a new one. This year's solstice lines up with the last full moon of the year and gives the ending energy an extra boost that lasts all the way up until the new moon on January 2nd. This is the time of year to reflect on what you are ready to shed and release and send back into the cosmos.

With all the high hopes of a new year around the corner, it is time to look back on what gifts this year has offered you. This is a ceremony and spell work to practice over the holiday weeks with the energy concluding on the first full moon of 2022 on January 17th. I invite you to take part of this practice in 3 stages.

1) Cycles Ending - Practice this anytime between the winter solstice and the new moon.

Full moon energy combined with the winter solstice is all about cycles ending. What themes do you see coming to a close? What aspects of your life are shifting and transforming. What shifts are you ready to make personally?

Close out these cycles with clarity with a cleansing spell

  • Find a time and space for quiet that you won't be interrupted.

  • Take a moment to ground, breath, and come into your body.

  • Write out 3 things that are shifting, changing, ending, or transforming in your life or with yourself.

  • Light an incense, sage, palo santo or other herb of significance to you.

  • Encircle yourself with the smoke. Let the smoke waft around you. Walk around your home and cleanse your space with the smoke. Once you feel you are done,

  • Go outside and bring your list of 3 things ending outside with you.

  • Light it on fire and sprinkle the ashes on the ground. Make sure it is connected to the earth vs on top of concrete if you can. Use words like "Thank you for your lessons and blessings. I send you now back to the earth to be composted and renewed. May you return as a higher vibration for all."

  • Go back inside and open a door or window and sweep some smoke out of the space. Use words like "Thank you for your lessons and blessings. I send you now back to source as your cycle with me is done". You can say these exact words or something similar that resonates.

2) Blessing - Practice this any time.

Give yourself a blessing using oil to anoint your body.

  • Find your favorite essential oil and mix with a liquid oil if needed.

  • Have a crystal and candle ready.

  • Take a moment to ground and connect to your breath and body.

  • Connect to the energy of the earth by feeling into your pelvis and/or feet. Go beneath the body and into the earth itself. Feel into the sense of grounding and stability.

  • Connect to the energy of the stars by rising up the center channel and feeling the expansive light energy of source above you at your crown.

  • Feel into your body as the connection and bridge between these two forces.

  • When ready take some oil and anoint the candle by rubbing oil around it and/or inside and around the wick. Light the candle. Say "As I light this candle, I light the pathway towards my desires. This candle represents a beckon for the many blessings that are on their way towards me."

  • Now place some oil on your hands and fingertips and begin to anoint your body. Place oil on any place that feels resonate. Use as much as you want and stay present with the sensation of blessing your body. Use the words "My body is beautiful and magical and I seal in the blessings of my life with this oil"

  • When done, spend some time sitting (or laying down) feeling into your body. Imagine that as the oil is absorbed through the skin, so too are the many blessings that are being gifted to you.

3) Cycles Beginning: Practice this anytime around New Years Day or the new moon on Jan 2.

What are you welcoming into this new cycle. What do you desire? What are your wildest dreams? What ways can you let go of trying to save anyone else but you? How can you become even more radical in caring for yourself and aligning with what is true for you?

This new year, after almost 2 years of what has been turbulent for most everyone, is the time to step into revolutionary honesty, rest, rejuvenation, and personal alignment. Your life is meant to be experienced and lived! Take your desires seriously and turn your back on those who try to hold you to anything other than the largest version of you. Over and over again, I see folks who are giving their days, hearts, tears, efforts, and energy over to others who are not invested in supporting their wellbeing. STOP - GIVING - YOUR - POWER - AWAY! No one is owed your time, your brilliance, your resources, your skills, your love. You get to decide how to use what is yours and I invite you to get extra discerning about who is worthy of you. As the wonderful poet David Whyte writes; "Anyone who does not bring you more alive is too small for you"

New Years Practice: 10-10-10 List

  • Write 3 lists numbered 1 - 10.

  • List one - Write out what you desire

  • List two - Write out what you are grateful for

  • List three - Write out what you love

New Moon Crystal Charging

  • Once you have this list, find 3 crystals that you love.

  • Hold the first crystal in your hand and have the first list out in front of you. Go through each one of your desires. With each one feel in your body as if that desire is here and happening. Notice how you feel, what sensations you experience, what emotions are there. Visualize where you'll be, who you are with, what you will be talking about. Now put those feelings into the crystal. Imagine the feeling of that met desire flowing through your arms and hands from your heart straight into this crystal. Repeat this process with each of the 10 desires. This crystal will serve as a powerful charged magnet to draw all that you desire into the manifest and into your life.

  • With the second crystal, go through the second list and infuse this crystal with gratitude. Feel in your body the feelings of gratitude and send them into this crystal. This crystal will hold the charge of gratitude and can be used anytime you forget just how abundant and amazing your life is.

  • With the third crystal, go through your list of what you love and feel into the feeling of love bursting from your heart and body. Infuse this crystal with this love. This crystal will be charged with the energy of love and can be used anytime you need a reminder of how much you are loved and how loving you are.

  • When done, place the crystals in a sacred place or altar in your home to help infuse your entire space with your desires, gratitude, and love.

Many blessings and so much gratitude to each of you for your support and love over this past year. Thank you and may you all enjoy a healthy and joyous holiday season and the happiest of New Years.

With love,




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